“Dream Big” Performance Coaching

     Performance coaching teaches practical and applied techniques for perfecting your entertainment skills. This course is valuable to children, teens, adults, seniors, musical theatre lovers, singers/musicians or bands who want to pursue a professional career in the entertainment business, or for those who just love performing anywhere they can.

     There is no replacement for experience, but to get experience you need to know your craft and all that comes with it. This course gives you the tools to handle stage fright, how to use a stage, how to engage an audience, how to sell a song, how to put together a show, hecklers, handling things that go wrong, and much more. If you have confidence on stage and can relax knowing that you are the best you can be, you will win over an audience.

     This course has been taught at community centres, but location, number of students (individual or group classes), and time, can be arranged for your convenience.

“ One of my greatest pleasures and the most rewarding job I do is to help other performers shine.”