After starting my career in Musical Theatre, I have recently come full circle and returned to my first love.  I have quite a bit of experience on stage in musicals, performing, directing, writing, and as an entertainer on my own and in bands.  I have worked for 48 years as a professional entertainer so I have experiences I can share with the actors.  I understand stage fright, forgetting words or lyrics and anything else that can happen when we’re in front of an audience. I can give actors the tools to be in control of their performances.

I developed “Dream Big” Performance Coaching where I can help the actors bring truth to their characters and their songs.  I teach them how to play to an entire audience, and not just the front row.  We will decide when and how to use the whole stage and when to stay in one spot to make that song memorable. The most important lesson for a cast to always remember is that “We are a team, a family and always have each other’s back.”

When I direct a show, the sky is the limit. My creative juices flow and I am up until all hours of the morning writing down new ideas.  It is really something I love to do and don’t mind losing sleep over.

“My most important job as a director is to make every single actor believe in themselves and to trust their instincts as people and actors.  When you trust yourself, that’s when the fun begins in acting.”