My interactive music program is for children 3-10 yrs. old.  I bring age-appropriate songs chosen for each class. The children are given props such as puppets and costumes to make each song memorable and fun. We will be using wood blocks and sticks to learn how to keep time to some of their favorite songs. Students participate in every song and will enjoy singing and dancing to songs from different countries.

        Occasionally I will write a parody to some familiar songs to help them learn numbers, letters, colors and names of their friends.

        Each class is prepared with a variety of songs that will energize them and keep their interest.  

        We have a great deal of fun preparing for Holiday Concerts, Spring Shows, Easter Performances and End-of-Year Celebrations. In addition to singing their holiday songs, I assist them in making their own hats or props for the shows.

“I have always enjoyed working with children and love to see the joy that music brings to their world.”

Beneficial Learning Outcomes

        This program can run weekly, bi-weekly or monthly as part of the curriculum or after school program. My program will not only give children an insight into other cultures, it fosters inclusivity and acceptance of their fellow classmates.   It has also been my experience that these classes build self esteem. Singing and dancing together builds bonds, friendships, and a sense of community. The whole experience gives students a great deal of pride and accomplishment.  

R.E.C.E – (Registered Early Childhood Educator)
Diploma – Early Childhood Education (George Brown College) 1971 -1973
Toddlers Head Teacher.  Magic Kingdom Pre-school, Newmarket 2012-2016 (2-21/2  yr. olds)
Kindergarten Head Teacher. Magic Kingdom Pre-school, Newmarket 2016-2017 (31/2 – 41/2
Interactive Music Teacher.  Magic Balloon, Newmarket 2000- 2002
Assistant Teacher for Toddlers.  Academy Pre-School, Aurora  -1 year
Interactive Music Teacher.  Baldwin Pre-School, Aurora  1992 – 2012
Professional Clown. For corporate parties (balloon animals, face painting, musical show)
Performer.  At various fairs and private birthday parties for children