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Sari started performing a musical interactive show for children 24 years ago. She already had E.C.E experience working with children and four years ago got her R.E.C.E. When Sari performs her show for Corporate events, schools and private parties the children are involved throughout the show. They sing and dance and take part in the entire experience. The kids just love to be part of the show.

  • Programs Available:

    An interactive musical show for children:

  • Age appropriate songs, props, costumes and instruments. These shows are performed for birthdays, end of year parties, fairs, Corporate events and schools. Half hour to an hour show each.
  • Optional Activities for Parties:

  • Face painting
  • Balloon animals
  • Parties for teens: Learn how to face paint (face painting each other)

  • Each teen will be given a face painting kit to use and with instruction learn how to face paint each other.
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly interactive music classes for schools and day care facilities:

  • Half hour sessions are held in each classroom, up to 3 half hour consecutive classes per day. Props, instruments, costumes, puppets, and more provided. The children participate throughout the show. Only age appropriate songs are used.
  • Mom and tots programs:

  • This program runs for 6 sessions and is held in one of the family homes. I take a minimum of 4 moms and 4 tots to a maximum of 10 moms and 10 tots. We all participate in a 1/2 hour session of music, puppetry, games and more. It is a great bonding time for you and your child.
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Sari Featherstone
Sari Featherstone


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