“Dream Big” Performance Coaching

With all of her experience, Sari has developed "Dream Big Performance Coaching" to help others learn the tricks of the trade. She will mentor those who wish to be in the spotlight and to be the best entertainer they can be.


What is Performance Coaching?

“Dream Big Performance Coaching” will help you be a well respected and admired professional entertainer. Like any job, there are “tools of the trade.” These are important pieces of information you need to know when you step on stage to sing to an audience. I'm not looking to change who someone is or to make a carbon copy of each student I have. I want you to be you. There is room and a need for all kinds of entertainers and that's the best part of what I do. I want YOU to be the best YOU that you can be. Your show must have variety and must show your audience that you have a lot to give them. Here is just some of what we will cover.

What We Will Cover:

  • How to engage an audience
  • How to sell a song and relate to the lyrics
  • How to use the stage
  • Performing solo, in a group, on television and in musical theatre
  • How to put together a show
  • How to pace a show
  • Grooming a look for yourself
  • Self confidence
  • Sincerity in your performance
  • Exploring a genre of musice
  • Recovering from a mistake
  • Using a mistake
  • Using a mike and stand/when not to use the stand
  • Eyes shut
  • Stage fright
  • Who to sing to
  • And much more

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for anyone who loves to perform. Whether you're persueing a singing career, want to do musical theatre or just want to sing for family and friends you will benefit from this course. With all the experience I have had in 48 years of being in the entertainment business, I want to share my knowledge with those who share my passion for singing. I want to enhance who you are as an entertainer and give you the tools you will need to be the best you can be.

I work with individuals, bands and in groups of no more than 6. The course will be designed with the needs of each group. “Dream Big Performance Coaching” will run for 6 weeks with an option to continue with another 6 week session. The additional 6 week session is particularly beneficial to groups and bands to help polish each group member's individual performance needs.

Each class is two hours long and the time will be mutually agreed upon by the coach and performer/performers.


  • Private lessons
  • Bands: Price is determined by the number of band members
  • Group lessons: Gather some friends and enjoy this course together or you can be part of an existing group. You will be surprised at what you will learn from watching others and critiquing each other.

Sari Featherstone
Sari Featherstone


Email: sari@applause.ca
Phone: (647) 864-7618